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How liquidity (extreme flexibility), along with the kinetic body, into a specific time-space frame, can operate to create innovative and contemporary costume design proposals?

Together with Laura Martínez, who was resident at the studio of Marta Jiménez-Salcedo as a part of UNAM´s (National Autonomous University of Mexico) postgraduate programme in Arts and Design, they accomplished a series of exercises using malleable matter.

They focused at the common interest of creating a mouldable costume and we chose for this aim a specific substance commonly called slime.

After an in-depth investigation of how to shape and control the substance to carry on an operative performance, they concluded by realising that the actual strong point of the research was the observation of the natural flow of the mass itself, sliding down the human body.

We could appreciate a series of unpredictable and impermanent designs that where emerging and disappearing constantly, at the mercy of gravity, in a focused dialogue with the performer movement.

The next step will be to find diverse constructive and functional solutions that will make possible an operative performance.