Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler´s Wells Theatre. London, December 2012.

Based on Lorca’s play, Blood Wedding, this performance explores through the character of ‘The Bride’ how passion can explode tradition. This conflict between instinct and cultural background is made material reality in the performance.

Following a thorough investigation into the use of new materials in costume construction, the designer has created an ephemeral garment, honouring Lorca’s unknown drawings, as a vehicle for the performer’s improvisation.

Director, costume and set design_ Marta Jiménez-Salcedo
Performer_ Alejandra Baño Pelegrín
Choreographer_Liana Nyquist
Sound Design_ Fred Defayé
Make Up & Hair_ Goshka Topolska
Photographer_ Mario Pérez Arias and Alex Traylen

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